about me

Hey I’m Gordie. Welcome to my site!

I love learning new things and solving problems. Anything you can apply an analytical mind, curiosity, and a bit of sociology to. Things I’m super interested in: Education, Health, Business, Web Development, Meditation, and Investing.

I work at Wistia as a support engineer. It’s a video software company with marketing and analytics tools for business. Mostly I talk to customers, help developers building things with our APIs, come up with internal tools, troubleshoot Ruby on Rails and Javascript code, and figure things out. I also help train our team so that more people can do these things.

Before this I worked at a content marketing agency. I have a degree from Hamilton College where I studied Sociology and Economics. I love traveling, being outside, and I’d be a better minimalist if I could stop buying used books off of Amazon.

July 10, 2014