about me

Hey I’m Gordie, and welcome to my page!

A bit about me: I’m super interested in education, health, business, web development, meditation, hiking, travel, and investing. I love to learn new things and discover new ideas, especially self-taught, and I also get super excited helping people solve problems through technology.

Currently, I work on the customer happiness team at Wistia as a support engineer. Wistia is a video hosting platform with marketing and analytics tools for business. We work with javascript, ruby on rails, have integrations with cool third party APIs and CMSs, and work lots with online video. Which can be both fun and treacherous 😉

I help our customers building things with our Javascript and REST APIs, troubleshoot analytics, integrations, video playback, bugs, and whatever other issues come my way. I also help train up the technical capacity on our team so that everyone can do these things. I sometimes write documentation, build tooling for our support team, or work with our engineers to troubleshoot and fix bugs in the product. Just kidding, there are never bugs! But it’s amazingly fun work and I love it.

Before that I worked at a marketing agency doing inside sales. I have a degree from Hamilton College where I studied Sociology and Economics. I love karaoke and burritos, and I’d be a better minimalist if I could ever stop buying used books off of amazon.com.

July 10, 2014