2019 personal goals

I’ll just list a few personal goals that I’d like to work on this year for fun and satisfaction.

  • Become proficient in Russian up to a basic conversational level. The CEFR A2 level describes what I’d like to work towards.
  • Read more books. 12 books, or 1 a month.
  • Write more.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. 2-3x a week at the gym.
  • Get back to more consistent weekly journaling and meditation. Also 2-3x a week.

I don’t have a specific goal around my career this year, but maybe I should try to set one so I don’t stagnate in my growth. It can be helpful to have an idea of focus. As it is, I’d say my goals are to do strong work on my software engineering team, deepen my knowledge of programming and web development, especially backend of the stack, and to get some more exposure to different computer science topics. Maybe that’s enough. I’d like for my teammates to describe me as a strong contributor and as someone whose grown fully into the role of Software Engineer.