Make Money Online

At the start of the year, I set a goal of making $1 from software or an app I wrote.

That seemed super achievable, because a dollar is not very much.

It’s been a very hard goal to get started on.

Besides mulling ideas and discussion with friends, I wouldn’t say that I’ve started at all.

Great, I’ve been a “Wantrepreneur”!

Lots of what I’ve done this year is loosely in the area of that goal, but not much is pointed directly at it.

  • Project work at Wistia to change how we do team education.
  • Learned some ReactJS and related libraries.
  • Got a little experience participating within an agile” dev flow on a small team.
  • Moved apartments to a new neighborhood in Boston.
  • Built some demo apps outside of work with React, Rails, etc.
  • Spent a couple weeks in Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • Code Complete and other random background reading related to software engineering.

So good. I haven’t been doing nothing!

But I also haven’t done a lot of direct work towards the goal of selling $1 of software.

A list of someone building an online business or a new software company would look like… different!

More thoughts…

1) To the degree that the things I’ve built or designed this year are more “real” and have had more of an impact on actual people using them, that’s felt good.

2) The same as writing code or building anything else, you can break it down into little pieces and do those.

3) Also, why am I shooting so low? Why not sell software for $100?

4) I have a limited amount of time, attention, motivation, and all other resources that might help in building something meaningful…

So I should just build that.

If I sold $1 of software, the next goal would be to build a real business that runs primarily online and through technology.

So I should just try to do that.

Here’s a list of advice for building solo web applications and web businesses that I found and like:

  • start as a side project
  • lookoutside of tech
  • do custom dev to get ideas
  • solve problems and save people time
  • Code is Easy, marketing is hard
  • create high quality docs on ‘how to use servicename to do X’
  • get SEO, word of mouth, and other creative strategies to acquire users
  • be able to stay alive long enough to get big
  • make something that you can charge a big amount, like desktop app of $50-300, or some good monthly amount; also, you can do monthly support contracts for an app.

Well I agree. Marketing IS hard. I have no idea how to be good at it! I should probably post this as a text-only Linkedin post.

What else?